Air Freight

To be a successful frequent flyer, you need a lot of connections. As experts in airfreight we offer a wide range of services designed to meet the logistics challenges our customers face every day. That means industry-leading quality standards and complete worldwide transport and distribution solutions. We can organise scheduled flights and charters from a wide range of carriers, all with highly competitive pricing. We know time flies, especially when it comes to airfreight. 

Sea Freight

While some freight companies are like a fish out of water when it comes to sea freight, Feltons move freight across all the major continents with ease. Our vast agency network means we can move your cargo from the supplier right through to the final destination – be that your warehouse or your customer’s premise. We provide FCL (Full Container Loads), LCL (Less than Container Loads) & Break bulk services. We provide direct and transhipment options including temperature controlled units and special handling options – whatever floats your boat, so-to-speak!


Project Freight

Project freight is something different but not difficult.  Moving plants across the world is our forte.  Nothing is too large.  We know all the problems and have solved them, even before you ask for our help.  This is where our certainty is the most important consideration for you.

Customs & Quarantine 

Let’s face it; the customs process can be a complicated one to navigate. That’s why all our local employees are trained with that in mind. The team at Feltons understand all the nitty gritty information like licensing requirements, legal and insurance concerns, local protocols and office hours. And we even have access to a highly technical back end of information and communications technology, so we can spot a potential issue before it becomes just that. With Feltons, your package will fly right through the customs process in as little time as possible. 

Warehousing & Distribution

A business is only as effective as its systems. We pride ourselves on creating systems efficiencies in warehousing and distribution for businesses across a wide range of sectors. It mightn’t sound sexy but it sure looks good on your businesses’ bottom line – that’s something all your stakeholders can appreciate. Besides their precious cargo, we’ve helped our clients deliver ‘operational excellence’ since 1973.

Logistics Consultancy

Our expert team of consultants here and abroad understand that every business has a different footprint in logistics, that’s why we develop streamlined solutions designed for your business, not somebody else’s. We can assist in managing every aspect of your supply chain including sourcing products, documentation, trade finance, freight plus warehousing and distribution. From optimising your local logistics network, to redesigning your global supply chain, we have it covered.


Fine Art Logistics

Fine art needs to be placed in the care of trustworthy people.  Years of experience and an appreciation of art make Felton Global Logistics the right choice. Every aspect of looking after your precious works is taken into consideration.  Nothing is spared to ensure the safety and certainty of the transport is totally successful.


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