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It's a fact. No matter which industry you work in, everyone starts somewhere. For us, it was a small office in Sydney's Bulletin Place with just three people, a desk and a creaky typewriter. That was 1972. We were a fledgling customs agency with big hopes and even bigger dreams. But we never thought we'd be taking on some of the biggest competitors in the industry.

45 years later, and the wings of Felton Global Logistics now span the globe, with eight times the amount of staff members and over 200 clients. You could say things have really taken off, but it's not just our business that has grown. We've helped our customers' businesses grow too. It's growth that has seen our clients become more than customers. We're business partners.

As you'd expect we carry a bit of baggage, but not the emotional kind! If you sell it or make it, then there's a high chance we've freighted it at one time or another. And we understand, more than most that the expectations of your customers are high – their package is either there or they go elsewhere. That's why some of our own customers have been with us for nearly four decades.

With the latest technology, competitive pricing and global knowhow, Felton Global Logistics is your end-to-end partner to take your business further. And we know that's a destination every business wants to go.

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